Web Developer

For Hire

15+ years experience

using Microsoft, Adobe, & web technologies
HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, ASP.net 5.0, MS SQL 2012, Visual Studio 2015, Photoshop CS3, Flash CC
2012 - 2014
HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, ASP.net 4.5, MS SQL 2012, Visual Studio 2010, Photoshop CS3, Flash CS3
2009 - 2011
XHTML, CSS2, Javascript, ASP.net 4.0, MS SQL 2008, Visual Studio 2008, Photoshop CS3, Flash CS3
2005 - 2008
XHTML, CSS2, Javascript, ASP.net 2.0, MS SQL 2005, Visual Studio 2005, Photoshop CS2, Flash + Actionscript 3
1999 - 2004
HTML, CSS, Javascript, ASP, MS Access, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash + Actionscript 2

7+ years experience

using Open Source technologies
2014 - 2015
Wordpress, Concrete5, Symphony, PHP, MySql, Vagrant, Git, jQuery, Bootstrap
2008 - 2015
PHP, MySql, jQuery
Ported project to ASP.net 5, made open source on GitHub.
2011 - 2014
Launched prototype which lead to recieving funding from Las Vegas based investor
2008 - 2010
Started project, purchased domain name www.rennder.com

Hi, I’m Mark Entingh

I grew up playing video games, obsessed with drawing wireframes of my own RPG at an early age. I’d create elaborate dungeon maps, draw characters, their weapons, and bosses they would fight. Dropped out of high school early so I could pursue my career as a web developer at the age of 17. I’ve worked as a freelancer most of my career, finding clients, negotiating with them, and building their websites to spec in my early 20’s.

in my mid 20’s, i had come up with a great idea I called Rennder. It’s a drag & drop web design platform in the web browser. the web was still very much in its infancy, and it was very difficult to build a stable prototype, but eventually an investor found Rennder in late 2011. After he had played around with a live prototype of Rennder, Konrad Musial decided to fund the project.

Within 3 years, I had spent the small amount of funding that I had recieved while working on Rennder full time. At this point, WordPress had taken over the world and my project had become obsolete.

finally, in 2015, I decided to step away from the Saas business model (similar to SquareSpace, Wix, & Weebly), and make Rennder open source to compete directly with WordPress. I let go of the bloated project and started porting over code to a new project using Microsoft's new, open source platform, ASP.net 5. At the same time, have been looking for more freelance work, and hopefully soon, I’ll be able to utilize Rennder to build websites for my clients.

Feel free to contact me if you need a website or mobile application developed.

If you're wondering, I hand-wrote the code for this website in one day.